Catalan kings rule Europe again!

Well done to FC Barcelona and congratulations to the competition winners, who demonstrated outstanding ability by proving beyond reasonable doubt that they are talented european football predictors ......
Phase 2 Competition Winner Dragon Balls Wins 1st Place Carlos Puyol lifts the UEFA Champions League Trophy at Wembley
2nd Place Wally Wins 2nd Place  
3rd Place VT Wins 3rd Place  
It was a truly dazzling performance from Australian Dragon Balls who didn't even play his joker to take the top prize by SIX points!! He predicted Manchester United would win the tournament but because they got to the final that crucially gave him 10 bonus points to confirm his competition win! The coup de grâce came when he brilliantly predicted SEVEN exact results in the final knockout stage to truly deserve victory!
In 2nd place with 5 exact results is Wally. He amazingly predicted that Spanish giants FC Barcelona would be victorious and that Barcelona star Lionel Messi would claim the UCL Golden Boot with an astonishing 12 goals! He finished on an impressive 151 points!
Taking the final prize position is VT from Portugal. He too predicted both Barcelona would lift the UEFA Champions League Trophy and the top goal scorer for a bonus 22 points! As a result he went from 9th place to claim a well-deserved 3rd place by seven clear points!

Out of 803 predictors that selected the European winner before phase 2 started, a total of 315 predictors (39%) knew that FC Barcelona would be the UEFA Champions League Champions after watching their group stage exploits! And a total of 122 predictors (30%) correctly selected Argentinian legend Lionel Messi to be the tournament top goal scorer with 12 goals!

For obtaining over 66% of the predictor achievement awards, a special mention goes to:


....And finally, in total there were 38 players that played their joker to get a maximum 24 points with only 3 in phase 2:

Thank you to everyone who took part in this competition!
The Predictor: UEFA Champions League 2010/11

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